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Exhibition: Ataya - Chinese green tea in Mali 2019

The exhibition was presented to the public from 7 February to 25 April 2019 in the Schule des Sehens at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany.
It explained the multiplicity of tea packages, the manufacture of green tea in China, how tea was traded historically from China via Europe and Morocco across the Sahara to Mali, the tea market in Bamako and successful tea merchants, the emergence of the tea brands, tea advertisements and brand piracy, and the Malian tea ritual.
The exhibition was created in the framework of a practical seminar with five students of the department of Anthropology and African Studies. The exhibition was supported by the Schule des Sehens, the department of Anthropology and African Studies, the Universitätsbibliothek and the Freunde der Johannes Gutenberg Universität, as well as by the project Africa’s Asian Options (AFRASO) and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. We are also grateful to Diogo Duda (design) and Marie-Hélène Gutberlet (scenography).
The photographs were taken at the vernissage on 7 February 2019.